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How To Make The Perfect English Tea (Cuppa)

The English people are known to be big fans of drinking tea, and they have a great reason! 

It’s a big part of their culture.

We are going to help you understand how you can fix a cuppa as the English do regularly. Be ready to surprise your British mates with a great “cuppa”.

What Are Few of the Health Benefits of English Breakfast Tea?

If you’re one of those people who drink a cup of tea before starting their day, we have some good news: your morning habit is great for your health. English Breakfast tea is made from a blend of black teas — exactly which teas go into the blend varies from supplier to supplier — all of which offer health benefits. Black tea is a great way to stay hydrated and get some nutrients that benefit your health.

1. Weight loss 

If you’re on a mission to get rid of a few pounds or keep your weight as it is, you should avoid drinking liquids like coca cola or other drinks full of sugar. Liquids aren’t going to fill you as food. Lucky you, a lot of our teas are calories free or contain a low amount of calories (maximum 2 calories per cup), so you could drink as much as you desire worry too much. 

By moving to black tea, a significant amount of the calories is you are consuming daily is being reduced.

Let’s take an example, a large soda contains 400+ calories. A cup of cola got 100 calories, while a can got 150 calories. Now you can understand how dramatically the number of calories slashed off if you make the switch.

Keep in mind that if you want to get these calorie-free benefits, you’ll have to drink your English breakfast tea as it is. Adding honey, sugar or milk to your tea, means you are adding calories.

2. Healthy Teeth

Tea leaves are a natural and pure source of fluoride, which naturally helps you harden your teeth and make them more resistant against acids. Leaves of black tea are usually older than the green leaves, means the level of fluoride is higher. What we are trying to say here is that black tea is probably the best tea source of fluoride.

3. Healthy Bones

Drinking black tea on a regular basis can improve the strength of your bones and minimize your chance to develop arthritis. All of this thanks to the phytochemicals found in this amazing drink. 

4. Better Immune System

You can find alkylamine antigens in black tea, which help to boost the immune response. It also contains tannins, which can fight viruses and keep you protected from stomach flu or any other common viruses.

5. Increased Energy

The low amounts of caffeine in tea can help you enhance your blood flow to the brain without over-stimulating the heart. On top of it, it can stimulate your metabolism and respiratory system, your heart and your kidneys.

Plain Black Tea 

Flash new: the healthiest way to drink black tea is plain. But what if you want more flavor? Well, we are well aware that many people would add to their tea their own touch. This is why we created our tea classic and loved blend — Black Tea with Ginger & Black tea with Lemongrass


Pick your perfect tea

To make the perfect cuppa like the English, you will need an excellent tea. English cup of tea is usually made with leaves of black tea.
Our Asian English Breakfast Tea will be a great pick.

  • Both tea leaves and tea bags will work perfectly for your English tea.
    For Tea leaves, you’ll need to use an infuser or a Teapot.


Boil some water

Make sure you are using only fresh water.
Using old water that sited in your kettle may provide you a flaky, shameful cup of tea. Boiling the water in an electric kettle or in your pot is highly recommended, but microwaving the water will be a bad pick.

  • In case you can control the temperature of the kettle, go for minimum 93 degrees(C) / 200 degrees(F).

Get ready, it’s almost done!

Instead of looking at the boiling process, prepare your cup/pot.

  • If you chosen a mug, put in each mug one teabag. 
    For the full English experience, you can choose a cup and saucer. You can find many beautiful and classic sets here.
  • If you have chosen a teapot, you want the teapot to be warm. You can do it by filling the pot with hot water first and then pour it out. Once the teapot is warm, add one tea bag to each person who going to drink from the teapot.
    Warming up the pot will make your tea to stay hot for a long time.
  • If you are a fun of loose-leaf tea, and that’s your pick for your pot, add 1 teaspoonful of the leaves per cup, and one extra teaspoonful for the whole pot. Let’s say your teapot makes two cups of tea, we will recommend making your teapot with 3 teaspoonfuls.

Let the water do their magic

It’s time! The water boiled and it’s time to pour them over the teabag or into the teapot. Once the water inside stirs them a little bit.

It is crucial that the water will be boiling and not only warm, even if you don’t like to drink your tea when it’s hot. The warm temperature is releasing the flavor of the tea. So give the water time to boil and don’t settle a plain cuppa. Make sure it’s boiling to maximize your tea.

Don’t drink yet

Give your tea a bit of time to develop its flavor. This step is known as drawing or brewing. Wait a minute or two if your tea sitting in a cup, and 3 to 5 minutes if your tea is in a teapot.

Take out the teabag

This step is relevant if you choose to use a tea bag.

The most common mistake is pressing the tea bag. When you do that you're basically releasing a bitter taste from the bag into your tea.
Simply remove it.

Do you love your tea with sugar, honey or milk? It’s time to add them

The type of milk is important. Many people will go for low-fat pasteurized milk. Though, if you aim for the classic taste and want the real experience, use fat milk or fully sterilized milk.

Enjoy your tea!

And come back to tell us how was your English tea.





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