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How to Make the Perfect Iced Tea

Even when the temperatures goes high you can still enjoy from your daily cup of tea and it’s health benefits. 

Some will say Iced tea is a hard drink to master, but with this iced tea recipe it should be easy as pie.

So before we start, many of you asked us if you can make an iced tea with tea bags and what kind of tea is used for iced tea. 

Yes, You can make a delicious iced tea with tea bags! And when it comes to which flavors we recommend to make an iced tea, well, we’ve got a lot of great options for you, since almost all of our tea blend will make a prefect iced tea.

What are the Best Tea Flavors For Iced Tea?

Any other tea rich in flavor can be a pick for a tasty iced tea.
So get ready to make our beloved drink in a refreshing way.

Ginger tea benefits 

Reduces Inflammation and Pain

A study from 2016 found ginger to be highly effective when it comes to reducing inflammation and pain. The anti-inflammation effects of the ginger make it useful if you suffer from headaches, flu, fevers, cold, hepatitis, liver disease and many more.

Recover your muscle after exercise

This fact is backed up by many recent study, the latest study from 2018 talking about drinking ginger tea as a treatments for HMB (which needed to protect and repair muscle tissue). Drinking a cup of ginger tea after intense exercise will also help you to relieved the pain you often get. 

Reduces motion sickness

If you are one of those people who feel dizzy, covered with cold sweat and feel like vomiting when you’re in a moving car, you probably suffer from motion sickness . A cup of ginger tea can probably help reduce those symptoms. 
Relive Nausea results from chemotherapy or morning sickness 
If you’re pregnant, after a surgery or during chemotherapy treatment you might suffer from nausea. Gingerol (a chemical found in ginger) can probably be a great natural solution for this situation, as it helps to relive nausea. 

Eliminate migraines

Headache care center in Kansas proven ginger to eliminate migraine within two hours after your first cup. They tasted the theory on 221 migraine attacks. They compare between placebo, ginger and drug medication. 63% of the patient who consume ginger had no more pain within two hours, while only 32% of the patient found drug medication to help them, and 16% with the placebo.

Boosts metabolism and weight lost 

Ginger is proven to be burn fat. It stimulates the activity of enzyme name Steapsin and prevent from your body a massive fat observation. The university of Columbia concluded in their researches that drinking ginger tea with your breakfast will help you burn more calories, will give you a fullness feeling and in general will reduce your hunger.

Prevent dryness in the mouth and help swallowing

18 different cases has been tasted in a famous Medical school hospital in Japan and found ginger to increase levels of saliva and make swallowing easier right after consuming ginger. 

Improves the brain’s cognitive function

A study in Thailand found a strong connection between consuming ginger daily to improving memory and cognitive function.
The study taste middle-ages healthy women by giving half of them a placebo and the other half ginger. After two months, when they taste both group, they could see a significant different between the memory abilities and cognitive function.
Those who consume ginger daily preform better than those who consume the placebo. 

May prevent Alzheimer’s disease

A medical university in China tasted the effect of ginger on Alzheimer disease and it’s behavioral dysfunctions. They found the ginger can not only help to prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer, but also reverses the behavioral dysfunction. Although at the moment there isn’t any official cure for Alzheimer, ginger seems to be effective.

Lemongrass and Lemon tea benefits

Detoxing the body

Maybe one of the most knows health benefits of drinking lemon tea. By removing the toxins from your body, it reduces your chance to get sickness and infections.

Promote healthy skin

Lemon is full of vitamin C, which connected directly to skin health. Drinking lemon tea will help you to reduce acne or any other kind of skin problem.

Relieve anxiety

A famous cancer center conclude that lemongrass smell can be highly effective with calming anxiety. Imagine how drinking it will effect your body. A lot of people drinking hot tea because they want to get relax, lemongrass tea can take you further with it’s reducing anxiety ability.

Weight lost

Most of our teas contain lemongrass since it is the most natural detoxing ingredient. If you’re looking to boost your metabolism and loos some weight, lemongrass tea will be the right pick for you. It also helps to get rid of water and sodium and stimulate the kidneys for a better function. 
Bottom line, drinking lemongrass tea may results in loosing some pounds from your body weight.

Frequent urinate

lemongrass is widely known to help getting rid of water and excess fluid and make you urinate very often. If you’re dealing with liver or heart failure, this is absolutely necessary. 

What you will need to make the perfect iced tea?

  • 2- 3 teabags or 4–6 grams of loose leaf tea
  • Water
  • A bit of lemon juice if you choose a tea without lemongrass 
  • 2 to 4 teaspoons of sugar if you wish your tea to be sweet 
  • A sprig of peppermint 
  • A thick slice of lemon or lemongrass 
  • Cookies or biscuits to serve with your iced tea - If you’re like us, planning a tea party :) 

How to make the prefect iced tea step by step -

  1. Put the tea bags into a container of your choice and make tea like you usually do. If you choose to go for tea leaves, put the leaves in a filter or infuser and make the tea like you usually do.
  2. Once your tea is strong enough for your taste, remove the tea bags / infuser. 
  3. Add in sugar and mix well.
  4. Squeeze in a splash of juice from a fresh lemon (if you didn’t choose a tea with lemongrass).
  5. Let it set in the fridge for about an hour.
  6. Cut the mint and add it into the tea. You can also add it in as it is.
  7. Cut the lemon into thin slices and add it to your tea jug. 
  8. Put back in the fridge for about hour.
  9. Share with your friends. And don’t forget the cookies or the biscuits :) 


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