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The Best of Thailand (25 tea bags)
The Best of Thailand (25 tea bags)
The Best of Thailand (25 tea bags)
The Best of Thailand (25 tea bags)
The Best of Thailand (25 tea bags)

The Best of Thailand (25 tea bags)

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The Best of Thailand

Includes: 25 individual loose leaf pyramid sachets.

Biodegradable herbal tea bag filled with our natural lemongrass and Butterfly Pea, blended for a tasty and calming infusion.

Our Lemongrass and Butterfly Pea infusion is 100% natural and caffeine free.

We take two incredible ingredients in the highest quality, combining their tasty natural flavor from whole lengths of lemongrass and whole pieces of butterfly pea, creating a staining infusion.

At its first brew, Our Lemongrass Butterfly Pea has a deep, midnight blue color.
But if you add a squeeze of lemon, it changes to a beautiful, rich violet.

Ideal at any time of day.

Sealed for ultimate freshness in our biodegradable, plastic-free pyramid tea bags and airtight packaging.

This tea will make a tasty iced tea.

One tea bag can make more than one cup and can be reuse. 

Region: Chiang Rai, Thailand
Flavors: Refreshing, lemony flavor.

10% of the sale of this product goes to the Child Protection Foundation.
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Health Benefits 

Health Benefits of Butterfly Pea And Lemongrass 

Those are only few of the health benefits of consuming regularly our Lemongrass Butterfly Pea Tea
- Help losing Weight
- Memory Enhancing
- Helps against acne
- Relieving anxiety, Stress and Depression
- Lowering cholesterol
- Improve immune Function
- Control diabetes and reduce blood pressure 
- Preventing infection
- Relieving pain
- Improves Eyesight 
- Excellent for your hair
- Good for Digestion
- Rich in antioxidants 
- Undergoing Chemotherapy
- Help against Morning Sickness
- Reduce Muscle Pain
- Improve Brain Function
- Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease


Velue Per Cup 

25 tea bags in a package - 2g per bag -  $0.5£0.4


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
The smell is crazy!

I have never tried this tea before, and I liked it actully. The smell is really good, the taste is super fresh. The only thing I would improve is the delivery time. It came within 7 days, which I guess it's ok, but if you can make it shorter it will be even better.

Hey Elizabeth, we glad you loved our tea. We are well aware to the fact most of the people expecting to get their orders within a week and we are working on finding solutations. All our products are made in Thailand and being shipped from here within a day from the order using Thailand post. We do have an option for an exspress shipping, but it cost a bit more. Sorry for the inconvinence and we hope you will choose us again :)
This tea is so magical!

It is amazing how the color can change from blue to purple so fast! I think behind the nice experience with the colors, the tea itself tastes really refreshing.

The best blend on their store

I've tried Butterfly Pea before, and honestly, the taste isn't so special. The Lemongrass gives this tea the kick it's needed. The taste is absolutely amazing and I think the only really great source for this combination is Thailand.

Really high quality product

The tea bags are really nice and can make more than one cup of tea. I drink it hot and cold and both version the tea tastes great.

Refreshing taste

I think it is one of their best blends. The color is awesome, the taste is really good and the quality of the tea bag is pretty high. I use the same tea bag 2-3 times and it still gives a great taste and color.