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Ethical Scheme

We’re committed to giving back to communities that bring us our tea.
We source the absolutely best in Thailand and we try to do the right thing when it comes to the environment.

All our teas are made in Thailand and we work with the Child Watch Foundation (มูลนิธิพิทักษ์เด็กภูเก็จ, A Safe Place For Abused And Helpless Children) to support orphans and vulnerable young kids  in the area.

We make a donation to the Child Watch Foundation with every single purchase we sell. We also run regular fundraising efforts.

We believe that small actions of good can turn the world into a better place to live in. All we need is people like you, ready to make a difference. 

We invite you to change your life and get yourself high quality tea with an amazing health benefits and at the same time change a life of kids in need.

The Child Watch's House

The Child Watch Foundation has one house at the moment were they provide specialist care and accommodation for orphans children.
 Our donations go towards the upkeep of this house.
With the right support, nutrition, medical, personal and emotional care, those kids have found a joy in their lives.

Look out on our social media for regular updates.

The Child Watch's schools

The Child Watch Foundation has two day care at the moment.
Donations from Kingdom of Tea are not becoming only scholarships, but also go towards the hidden costs of education like uniforms, school lunches, books and annual fees.

Over 100 kids attend everyday to the day care centers, and our mission is to send each one of them to school with our scholarship.

If you happen to visit Phuket, Thailand and you wish to see our activity, meet the kids,  get to know the foundation better or make a donation (clothes, food, money, diapers or anything else) - please let us know and we will make it happen.