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Our story

KINGDOM OF TEA came to live in August 2018 by Sapir, with a serious clear mission - 

To create and provide the best quality teas to any tea lover around the world and doing it with a lot of respect to our environment and mother earth. 
We strongly believe in supporting local and small communities and giving back to those communities who help us to provide to you the best.

 Sapir is a tea taster who has traveled the world tasting teas and developed a serious tea addiction. 


We are focusing on delivering to you the best and the most exceptional real Thai teas.
By real tea, we mean whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs, whole berries, whole spices, and whole flowers.
Not the dusty stuff you’ll find in regular paper teabags.

Tea is all about the flavor.
The tea in regular paper tea bags has been 
chopped and damaged, and by the time it reaches your cup, most of the flavor is gone.
What a shame, ah?
 The whole leaves, berries, herbs, flowers, and spices in our tea have been handled gently and with a lot of love, to keep every single drop of that amazing flavor.

Each one of our tea has a unique story of its own. 

Directly sourcing our teas and botanical means our products will always be innovative and of premium quality, ensuring a truly memorable royal experience.

Like you, we care about flavor, high-quality control, eco-friendly and equity at no extra cost.



Out mission is always providing THE BEST QUALITY products with a full respect to the people working with us and to our earth. 

Our current impact on the planet

Organic farming

Organic farming is a way to ensure that our planet is properly looked after.
Our ingredients have never even had a whiff of chemicals and that keeps the ecosystems around the teas, herbs and spices as natural and happy as possible.

Strictly no GMO

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have had their DNA changed in ways that do not occur naturally. 
The dangers and risks of mass GMO farming to the planet is huge. 
We guarantee that none of our ingredients or packaging contain any GMOs.

The green battle

For months we looked for the perfect eco-friendly packaging. 
We absolutely wanted to avoid any damaged material but at the same time to ensure our premium tea will keep its high quality. 

We find it very hard to excuse, but we keep insisting.
Our pyramid bags, strings, and tags are recyclable.
Our tea packaging is made from recyclable paper, but the inner is made from foil to ensure the freshness of our tea. 
Our boxes made from FSC recyclable.

We’re working towards making our packaging fully compostable by 2020.

Join us on our green journey



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