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Tea tasting - Senses Experience with Thai Organic Teas

Enhance your senses around a tea tasting - See, Smell, Taste, Feel and Hear.

Let yourself immerse in an original experience with the sound of the birds, and the water of the mystical land of Siam.

Discover incredible teas from exotic parts of Thailand, all different from one another. Smell the aroma and flavor of Thai beauty.

Taste the incredible balance of Thai flowers.

And then feel the healing power of the tea.

We will focus especially on explaining the different health benefits for each one of the teas and teaching you how to pick the right tea for you and how to make the perfect cup of tea.

The blends I've personally picked at the best Thai tea farms are original and seasonal.
I've decided to use only local ingredients to know what goes through my body but also to help develop the beautiful country that adopted me.
I am doing my best to take care of the environment, which means our bags are recyclable.

Feel better with energizing and health restoring teas.
Do better by picking natural, organic and fair trade products.
Be better by embracing a new routine to your life.

I can't wait to share with you the richness of Thai tea :)

What I’ll provide
Different types of teas
Mineral water
Voucher for purchase on the spot 

Where it will be
The tea tasting is happening in Kathu district (the middle of Phuket island).
We are hosting the experience in a big space around a table.

"I drink tea very often and thought to check out the event and see if I can discover something new. It was really interesting and different from any activity I've tried before. Sapir was super friendly and I felt very welcome. I highly recommend this event if you are looking for an unusual experience." 
- Nevo, February 2020

"I am not a tea fun, but still enjoyed very much and would highly recommend to anyone. Very relaxed and unique experience!"
- Lars, February 2020

"Really nice experience and highly recommend"
- Rose, February 2020

"Excellent job. Although I am a tea person since young and still doing it on daily basis, this experience thought me new lesson and taste differently. I would suggest and recommend to anyone who love tea and want to know more about tea process and taste it by yourself. Wonderful experience."
-Chunting, November 2019


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