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Our Booster is a bland of Jasmine flower with High quality Oolong. Using the ancient method in the production process, the tea itself absorbs the flower fragrance. We are a big believers that producing scented tea without using any chemicals will give us aromatic and flavorful results.

Jasmine Oolong is a completely pure tea.
You will enjoy drinking it during your evening, when you are chilling after your long day.

Moment of Zen is a yummy tea that can easily transport you. Are you ready to breathe deeper than you have in a while? If the answer is yea, this is your pick! 

Clean, strong taste of jasmine blossoms which overlaying the earthy Oolong.

Region: Chiang Rai, Thailand
Flavors: Honeyed, jasmine, gardenia notes on a slightly milky.


Health Benefits

health benefits of oolong tea 

Those are only few of the health benefits of drinking our Jasmine Oolong Tea

- Boost Energy and Increase Focus
- Help Losing Weight
- Ensure a Healthy Heart
- Lower Bad Cholesterol
- Stress Relief
- Help to Eliminate Free Radicals in the body
- Limit the Risk of Dangerous Diseases
- Help to Slow Down the Aging Process
- Help to Control or Prevent Diabetes
- Help to Boost the Immune System
- Elevate Mood and Increase Relaxation
- Contain large amounts of Vitamins and Minerals
- Prevent Strokes, Blood clots and Heart Attacks 
- Inhibit Growth of Cancer Cells and can even Kill Mutated Cells

To reap the benefits of jasmine tea for your skin, you can consume 2-3 beverages per day or wash your face using a cooled cup of jasmine tea

 Value Per Cup

30g -  £ 0.6 - Will make about 15 cups
100g - £ 0.4 - Will make about 40 cups


At Kingdom of Tea, we truly offer the most stunning, trendy highest-quality products in the world.

We will do WHATEVER it takes with outstanding customer service support to assist everyone as we highly value our customer satisfaction with absolute ZERO risk.

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