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Osmanthus-Oolong-kingdom-of-tea-starting from $14.99

Royal Tea

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Royal Tea

In the Taiwanese culture and for the Taiwanese people the Osmanthus flower was always represent romance. 
You can find The Osmanthus Oolong tea in many weddings in Taiwan. As part of their tradition, this tea is reserve for big days and special events. 

Our Osmanthus Oolong is scented with the beautiful flower, which gives it a floral and fruity flavor. 
This tea is got a creamy base and mellow, smooth qualities,
with a fruity aftertaste. Smells like pure romance. 

Region: Chiang Rai, Thailand

Flavors: A pleasant soft taste. Floral and fruity notes, similar to the taste of apricot and peach.
If you like flower or fruit flavors, then be sure to try this one. 

Health Benefits

Osmanthus Oolong Health Benefits 

Those are only few of the health benefits of regularly consuming our Osmanthus Oolong Tea
-  Natural Detox
- Rich in Antioxidants
- Help Losing Weight
- Improving your Skin
- Improves Eyesight
- Energize and Refresh
- Help Fight Fatigue
- Rich in Vitamin A
- Reduce Bloating, Gas
- Treating Stomach Aches
- Menstrual Pain and Diarrhea
- Lower Blood Pressure

Value Per Cup

30g -  £ 0.9 - Will make about 15 cups 
100g - £ 0.4 - Will make about 40 cups


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Got it as a present

Got their Traditional Wedding Tea as a present and I must say it is probably the best tea I've ever tried. The aroma is out of this world and the taste is extraordinary. Absolutely must to try!

The best I've ever tried

If I need to drink only one tea for the rest of my life, it will be their Traditional Wedding Tea.


The aroma is crazy!

An excellent tea

This is definitely my favorite. Every month I'm trying their new blends, but this one is always on our list.

Probably the best tea of the store

The aroma of this tea is out of this world, and the taste is absolutely addictive



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